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Chapter 1670 – Could this be the fabled tribulation-transcension technique? strange nose
Nina Balatka
The heavenly tribulation had really ended up wild.
The broken Jade Lake Immortal Kingdom instantly healed.
These particular 50,000,000 bolts of divine lightning immediately blew inside the Jade Lake Immortal Realm.
Thinking about it now, the text it possessed prepared for Other Daoist Tyrannical Tune were worthless. When it were to pass away, then Tyrannical Tune would certainly pass on at the same time.
Song Shuhang reminded, “Fairy Expecting a Assure, swiftly develop a new Jade Lake.”
This 50,000,000 bolts of divine super immediately blew within the Jade Lake Immortal World.
Tune Shuhang stated, “Fairy Expecting a Assure, do not achieve this. For those who will continue to provoke it, I am hesitant the perfect tribulation will go in to a craze.”
In the event it failed to transcend the tribulation and was killed, the flying sword could well be triggered, instantly lock onto Sage Monarch Wintermelon, to get sent to him—anyway, with Sage Monarch Wintermelon’s defensive prowess, a soaring sword would definitely not harm him.
In the throne place of your Jade Lake Immortal Kingdom, the projection of ‘Fairy Cheng Lin’ relocated.
It was subsequently the outfit that Fairy @#%×’s major body system have been donning when Tune Shuhang possessed first seen her.
The 100,000,000 mounting bolts of Purple Night Divine Lightning had been swallowed.
And many of the 600,000,000 vanished at the same time.
“???” Sage Monarch Melon Eater.
Not decent!
These influx of 200,000,000 bolts of Crimson Nighttime Divine Lightning… still could not break from the defense from the ‘Jade Lake Immortal World Projection’.
In other words, the Jade Lake Immortal Realm projection was just efficient twice more than a short phase. Immediately after summoning it once, and letting it be reborn, it may well enter into a cooldown period of time.
On the other hand, the newly brought into this world Jade Lake Immortal World was actually a lot more robust compared to the former Jade Lake Immortal Kingdom.
The virtuous lamia twisted her snake stomach. “Call me daddy!”
But this period, she did not reestablish the Jade Lake.
Piece of music Shuhang shouted, “Fairy Awaiting a Guarantee, reestablish the Jade Lake!”
On the fresh air, following the ‘Jade Lake Immortal World Projection’ was breached, the other 600,000,000 Crimson Night Divine Super crashed into Fairy Cheng Lin’s projection.
Just as before, normally the one billion mounting bolts of lightning all superimposed using one one more, as well as the densely filled lightning hit the Jade Lake Immortal World.
She was dressed in an attractive phoenix arizona robe.
The Crimson Evening Divine Lightning wildly hit downwards.
The 50,000,000 mounting bolts of Crimson Night time Divine Lightning who had previously busted the ‘Jade Lake Immortal Realm’ have been covered up from the new Jade Lake Immortal World and swallowed fully.
It was currently the actual size of a smaller isle, yet the tablets it acquired ingested ended up just ordinary-scale pills.
Section 1670 Could this end up being the fabled tribulation-transcension procedure?
The virtuous lamia twisted her snake waist. “Call me daddy!”
How was obviously a will expected to also be created? And immediately after he have publish it, how was he supposed to mail it out?
The 100,000,000 mounting bolts have been even bigger than the ‘Jade Lake Immortal Realm’ when created. Nonetheless, the bolts failed to interfere together. Each of them could superimpose along with the other, as well as their ability was greatly increased once they have been collectively!
In those days, your second, next, and 4th Sages in a very thousand many years possessed relied on this strategy to transcend the Eighth Period Unique Sage Tribulation.