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Chapter 1035 – Surrender joyous dependent
Let Me Game in Peace
Zhou Wen didn’t remedy. He stood looking at Sky Pa.s.s and looked at the guards about the location entrance tower.

Tang Zhizhong was already dumbfounded. A good fool could explain to that Zhou Wen was actually a wished felony with the bureau, but just how could a wished illegal be so risky about surrender him or her self?
Sad to say, even when they infected Heavens Pa.s.s with Mythical Companion Beasts, nobody could burst through the location gateways.
“May I understand what you do?” Tang Zhizhong looked over Zhou Wen in astonish.
Regrettably, regardless if they assaulted Skies Pa.s.s with Mythical Companion Beasts, none of us could break via the city gateways.
Tang Zhizhong also obtained the other company’s s.p.a.ce meets to undertake an assessment examination. He learned that their s.p.a.ce matches were actually not as good as his company’s, which manufactured Tang Zhizhong very irritated.
Zhou Wen didn’t reply to. He withstood ahead of Heavens Pa.s.s and investigated the guards in the community entrance tower.
“Can I take in and take in while sporting a s.p.a.ce satisfy?” Zhou Wen requested Tang Zhizhong. Simultaneously, he thought to himself,
There weren’t many modern technology providers currently, also it was extremely tough so that they can thrive. Tang Zhizhong emerged this time around since he hoped the fact that bureau might take receipt on the set of s.p.a.ce meets according to the arrangement. It didn’t make any difference if they ceased the partners.h.i.+p in the foreseeable future.
“They are nevertheless inside the factory. The bureau continues to be in search of all sorts of why you should not bring receipt of those. I only desire that they may grab the s.p.a.ce accommodates whether or not I am required to kneel and kowtow. There are many people from the provider who are counting on the s.p.a.ce fit monthly payment for income,” Tang Zhizhong reported using a very long deal with.
To his astonish, Zhou Wen mentioned, “Director-Standard Shen as well as the bureau happen to be trying to arrest me for many years. My arrest justify should certainly be dangling on Director-Common Shen’s walls, I assume?”
Section 1035: Surrender
Tang Zhizhong been curious about if Zhou Wen was Shen Yuchi’s daughter. Or else, how could he have the bureau to so easily have sales receipt of his s.p.a.ce satisfies?
The main reason why this location was famous was that within the ages since Skies Pa.s.s was a dimensional area, nobody was able to enter in Heavens Pa.s.s through the key entry. In the future, a person found out an exclusive technique to bypa.s.s the main front door and key in.
Tang Zhizhong also acquired the other company’s s.p.a.ce accommodates to complete a comparison test out. He found that their s.p.a.ce fits have been not just like his company’s, which designed Tang Zhizhong incredibly upset.
“You… You… Will you be joking?” Tang Zhizhong was somewhat dumbfounded because he considered Zhou Wen in a daze.
“They are nevertheless during the factory. The bureau continues to be searching for all kinds of reasons why you should not take receipt of these. I only believe that they can consider the s.p.a.ce matches whether or not I’m essential to kneel and kowtow. There are several workers in the firm who will be counting on the s.p.a.ce fit settlement for his or her salary,” Tang Zhizhong reported having a very long encounter.
Story experienced it that this was an unbreachable door. In those days, Atmosphere Pa.s.s was quite popular. A lot of industry experts hoped being the first to get into.
There weren’t lots of modern technology firms nowadays, and also it was extremely tough so that they can survive. Tang Zhizhong emerged this time around while he hoped that this bureau could take invoice with the set of s.p.a.ce fits as reported by the agreement. It didn’t topic if they discontinued the companions.h.i.+p at some point.
“Many folks the bureau know me, as well as Director-Normal Shen Yuchi,” Zhou Wen mentioned having a look.
Zhou Wen didn’t response. He stood before Atmosphere Pa.s.s and looked over the guards in the location gate tower.
Star obtained it this was an unbreachable front door. In the past, Heavens Pa.s.s was extremely popular. Many specialists hoped to get the first one to enter into.
“Please put it off. It won’t get 1 hour. I’ll get an individual to give them in 30 minutes.” Tang Zhizhong also believed that there was very little possibility of being successful going to the bureau to ask about for cash. He was just passing it on a go.
Tang Zhizhong also received the other one company’s s.p.a.ce satisfies to complete a comparison test out. He discovered that their s.p.a.ce meets had been not as well as his company’s, which created Tang Zhizhong really angry.
“Where are the types s.p.a.ce satisfies now?” Zhou Wen expected when he sent a note to w.a.n.g Lu, asking her that will help explore Tang Zhizhong’s company.
Usual location gateways established on edges in an outward direction, but the location gates here didn’t have two panes. They looked like people were a single ent.i.ty with no gaps.
One other business seemed to used their relationships to have the sequence coming from the bureau.
And the individual that found out this process was the bureau’s director-general, Shen Yuchi. Consequently, this place later on became the bureau’s headquarters.
The main reason this position was well known was that on the generations since Sky Pa.s.s was a dimensional area, no person were capable of key in Skies Pa.s.s over the major entry. Down the road, someone uncovered a particular solution to bypa.s.s the principle front door and type in.
Tang Zhizhong traced his gaze and observed rows of inspectors sitting on the metropolis entrance tower that only enjoyed a very few guards. Every one of them ended up aiming their weapons at them.

On top of that, the s.p.a.ce fits the fact that bureau experienced obtained previously would have a huge effect on Tang Zhizhong’s organization once they didn’t acquire invoice with the things. It could even failure.
“They continue to be from the factory. The bureau has long been trying to find all kinds of why you should not consider invoice of these. I only hope that they may go ahead and take s.p.a.ce accommodates whether or not I am needed to kneel and kowtow. There are lots of staff from the company that happen to be relying on the s.p.a.ce satisfy repayment with regard to their earnings,” Tang Zhizhong explained using a long confront.