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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master
MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

NovelMMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild MasterMMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master
Chapter 155 – Start Of The End cherry unit
He had been mentally prepared for this since a long time , he sighed because he exposed the combat detect .
The challenge blew up soo very much that the the real world backers on the alliance members …. The father or mother organizations was required to face the backlash.
Omega acquired became this type of popular video game in the world presently that introduced wonderful viewership phone numbers even in real life. As significant reports stations now acquired specific sectors offering most current Omega media on the transmit .
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The Church fullfilled its requirements simply because it crowned the 17th Emperor of Hazelgroove , and with that began a different reign as well as a new era.
The Cathedral fullfilled its commitments since it crowned the 17th Emperor of Hazelgroove , and with that started out a brand new reign plus a new age.
Section 155 – Beginning Of The Stop
The penalties expected the alliance to give 100,000 participants for just one year or so to compulsary millitary company to the state .
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Incase of loosing the combat the charges will probably be :-
WAR Alert : your guild the ‘ Accurate Elites ‘ , is questioned to some guild conflict by six other guilds particularly
Incase of choosing to forefit / surrender the difficulty :-
MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master
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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master
The matter blew up soo a lot how the actual life backers with the alliance subscribers …. The dad or mom enterprises had to face the backlash.
Their behavior on interfering inside the problem obtained them labelled as cowards and despicable cheaters who could not keep a candlestick into the Elites , who had been now deemed as the top guild in PurpleHaze location.
Only as a result gaurantee , do they barely keep their work opportunities because of the pores and skin of their own the teeth …. However should they shed …. It will all be over then.
The Chapel fullfilled its obligations as it crowned the 17th Emperor of Hazelgroove , and also with that began a brand new reign and also a new period.
Using them failing the objective came up a large punishment for those alliance because the Emperor pressured millitary provider upon the alliance or deal with banishment through the kingdom.
Incase of loosing the war the charges will probably be :-
Battle Alert : your guild the ‘ True Elites ‘ , has become challenged to your guild warfare by six other guilds specifically
As for the war indemnity he set forth the illness that :- 100,000 alliance participants shall indication a slavery agreement for 3 years to become subservant for the Correct Elites guild as a manual labor.
Section 155 – Start Of The Finish
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2) acquire a 60 days protection period of time.
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Having no other available choices , the alliance simply had to force its newly recruited simple participants into 1 season of compelled millitary program deal while remaining under spend from your guild.
The 3 key activities demolished their guilds cashflow. Their only hope now would be to get the war against the A fact Elites and raid 70Per cent of the rewarding warehouse as combat reimbursement to help relieve their economical demands.
Chapter 155 – Beginning Of The Conclude
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The only method the guild market leaders averted their firings was as they made sure to exaggerate the point that they can could smoke cigarettes the Elite’s soon inside of a conflict. 350,000 people against what 350 ? . There had been no way that this Elite’s earn that element , despite an NPC army associated with a 10,000 troops or 50,000 troops or whatever levels of bombs they had …. They cannot gain that challenge .
The forums had been ablaze following activities within the wide open problem the alliance set up . The alliance obtained became a worldwide laugh because their champions were definitely not really grime compared to the masked devil , who slaughtered 3 of those despite being outnumbered 6:1 , and might have destroyed the other 3 too got the shameless guild individuals not interfered.
He ended up being mentally prepared for this since quite a long time , he sighed because he established the warfare notice .
Men the glowing admission section has slowed down across the previous five weeks or possibly even longer…. An excellent warfare arc coming , enables get the speed to get an incredible warfare arc ! ///
1) You will gain 90% of the opposing guilds assets
Their actions on interfering during the struggle acquired them classed as cowards and despicable cheaters who could not have a candlestick for the Elites , who have been now regarded as the biggest guild in PurpleHaze city.
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With regards to battle indemnity he get forth the disease that :- 100,000 alliance members shall indicator a slavery agreement for three years being subservant into the Accurate Elites guild as being a guide labour.
Incase of winning the battle :-